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The educational museum and pedagogy program “Hello, Museum!"

The basis for cooperation between the Fine Arts Museum RK and the system of education is formed by the educational museum and pedagogy program “Hello, Museum!” The program was imitated by the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) for testing in educational institutions of the Russian Federation. It was developed by a team of authors under supervision of Professor B.A. Stolyarov, PhD, who heads the Russian Center for Museum Pedagogy and Children’s Creativity.

The Museum is the initiator of holding the experiment on testing the program in Petrozavodsk. In 2010, 20 educational institutions received the status of municipal approbation centers and successfully implemented the first academic year program.

During the school year teachers have classes with children in schools and kindergartens. For each children group or class there is an individual program of visiting the museum according to the exhibition schedule. Children travel across exhibitions of the Fine Arts Museum of RK. Excursions are supplemented by master classes with Karelian artists and masters. Children like very much to learn new creative techniques and use different materials.

The goal of the program is to form general culture of learners, their moral, spiritual and artistic development within the framework of interaction between the Museum, kindergarten and school, which is an important factor of forming creative skills of children and young people.

The contents of the program “Hello, Museum!” is targeted at exposure of schoolchildren to fine arts in all the diversity of its essential and formal characteristics, and also to the museum as cultural environment forming visual culture and aesthetic preferences of people.

The program implemented on the museum basis includes the following:

  • SECTION I. “We Enter the World of Beauty” (for pre-schoolers)
  • SECTION II. “The World of the Museum” (for 1-4 graders)