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Educational multimedia-program «Multipolotence»

The project became the winner of the most prestigious in Russia VI Grant Museum Contest “A Changing Museum in a Changing World” in the category “New Education Programs”. From 460 applications only 25 best were selected. The contest is held by the V. Potanin Charity Foundation with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and operative administration of the Cultural Managers’ Association

The objective of the project was to create a unique educational resource on the basis of the permanent exhibition, which would acquaint people with the folk art of Karelia of 19-20 century through the means of multimedia. The traditional Karelian towel (in Karelian “кäspaikka” – hand made towel) was not chosen by accident. This is the thing, well-known and close to every person, which accompanies him throughout his life and possesses a whole number of meanings – from a utility object to a ritual element of the national culture. Looking at towels, one can learn about the history of the area, traditions, symbols of ornaments, beauty and significance of folk art, its close connection to nature and the way of life in 19-20 century, and learn about the richest collection of towels in the Fine Arts Museum of RK.

The multimedia program is built as an interactive game - a real space adventure! It has original video, sound, animation, but the main thing is the effect of mystical penetration into the unknown world of the “space” of folk culture of Karelia. Every class is built in the form of a “flight” to one of the planets of the “Folk Art Galaxy”.

Landing on the surface of the planet, the children can learn about plots, customs and techniques of Karelian embroidery, as well as create their own towel in the silk-screening technique (printing on fabric), drawing or grattage (scratching on wax) during master classes. Children’s works made during the sessions are sent to the fourth planet “My Favorite Towel” and are shown in the virtual gallery on the website of the Fine Arts Museum of RK.

The educational program not only allows to acquaint schoolchildren with the museum collection, but also to do this in the language of modern technology, which makes the product important and in great demand, especially for the school audience well oriented in the world of electronic sources of information and looking for a story and visual support adequate for the 21 century.

The project curator is Ekaterina Rychkova
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