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33 St.Nikolas from Kholmogory to Kola

The project became the winner of the most prestigious in Russia VIII Grant Museum Contest “A Changing Museum in a Changing World” in the category “Author’s Project”. The contest is held by the V. Potanin Charity Foundation with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and operative administration of the Cultural Managers’ Association (АМК).

The project idea concerns creation of a multimedia educational program for understanding the basics of icon-painting for the modern viewers, who would like to get acquainted with the famous “northern paintings”, reveal for themselves the artistic and symbolic language of monuments of Russian Orthodox culture of 15-19 centuries. Saint Nikolas is one of the most respected saints in the North, and the Pomor proverb about thirty three churches in his honor only confirms his popularity. The main content of the project is built around the image of Saint Nikolas.

With the aid of QR-code technology, users of modern mobile devices can immediately get information about the exhibits of interest from the Internet. To make the acquaintance with the art of icon-painting even more comfortable, one can use Internet pads provided by the museum for the time of the visit.

Visitors learn about the secrets of creating icons, secrets of restoration, learn about natural pigments and recipes of their making, with the tools of icon painters. Classes of the program will help to understand the structure of building the northern icon-stand and reveal the meaning of its elements, will tell about the most revered aints.

The program is created for a modern viewer – adult or child, who would like to learn to “read” icons, revealing the artistic and symbolic language of the monuments of Orthodox culture. The practical part of the project is made up of master classes aimed at development of creative imagination, the sense of color and rhythm, understanding of specifics and peculiarities of the culture of Russian North.

Project Goal:
Telling modern viewers about the basics of Orthodox culture through learning artistic and symbolic languages of icon painting of Karelia of  15 – 19 centuries.

Project tutor: Ekaterina Rychkova

Project diary on the website of the contest “A Changing Museum in a Changing World":