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Temptation. Pablo Picasso

The exhibition project presents 105 artworks of Pablo Picasso of the famous series Suite 347. The works are lithographs made in 1990-1992 years from artist’s drawings of the year 1968. This edition of lithographs was printed in 300 copies in Germany with consent of Picasso’s heritors. The artist’s signature and date were stamped on each plate. Each lithograph print has the certificate of authenticity of the art gallery Artfever (France, Paris).

Suite 347. Pablo Picasso

Working daily during 7 months Picasso in the age of 87 had created unusual series full of irony and sarcasm, fantasy and paradoxes. Many researchers suppose that it is a personal dairy of the artists in this period.      
The most erotic part of the Suite 347 is presented on the exhibition. From scene to scene the numerous characters are changing each other. They are unrestrained in their sensual impulses. Their features, behavior, plastic based on personal experience, endless imagination and mythology are getting grotesque and erotic or symbolic forms of the passion’s triumph.

For the first time the artworks were presented by Galerie Louise Leiris in Paris in December 1968.
The whole Suite 347 could be seen only in 7 museum collections: The Picasso Museum in Barcelona (Spain); National Library of France; The Picasso Museum in Paris (France); Art Institute of Chicago; The Ludwig Museum (Cologne, Germany); The Israel Museum (Jerusalem) and Gottfried Keller Fund (Switzerland).

The exposition will certainly open new sides of genius artist to a Russian viewer.

The exhibition is open till September 30.

Not recommended to the viewers under 18 years old.