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Silence above and beyond

Personal exhibition «Silence above and beyond» of a famous Saint-Petersburg artist Evgeny Orlov was opened on 18 January 2013. It runs until 10 March. About 30 paintings and art objects are exposed at the exhibition.    

Evgeny Orlov is one of the brightest artists among generation of nonconformists. In his art the tradition of Russian avant-garde is clearly felt. 

His paintings are filled with harmony of color, rhythm and shape –principles of painting. Its calmness and evenness charm the viewers. The main peculiarity of Orlov’s art is special esthetics of representation of the world: weightlessness of space in which churches and houses, dome of heaven, waterspace are floating.  

E. Orlov is one of the founders of the world famous art center “Pushkinskaja, 10”, the founder and director of the Museum of Non-conformist Art. He is the author of a concept “Self-developing square” and “Geometry of space”, the organizer of the groups “The fifth quarter” and “7” (seven). 

Orlov is an art adviser on the contemporary Russian art at the gallery “Terseus” in Stockholm. He is a member of “Russian Federation of Artists” and the International Federation of Artists. The artist has participated in more than 200 exhibitions hold in Russia and abroad. 

Curator of the exhibition:

Anita Dunkers