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Onega palette

On December 20th 2012 the 48th republican art exhibition the “Onega palette” was opened in our museum.

The “Onega palette” is the largest annual event in Karelian art, where different art genres are presented: painting, drawing, arts and crafts, sculpture and art objects.

The exhibition is interesting, because it gives an idea of main trends and tendencies in the works of modern artists. This year the “Onega palette” is hold by The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia and the Karelian branch of “The Union of Russian artists” with the support of The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia. In exhibition the viewer will see works of famous Karelian artists, members of the Union: Boris Pomorzev, Valentina Chekmasova, Alexander Kashtanov, Anatoly Titov and others. Also the young talents have presented own art works. Their names are Natalia Egorova, Antonina Yufa, Yulia Shumilova and many others.

We hope that this project will become a New Year gift for people from Karelian artists and will be interesting both for specialists and art lovers.

Master-classes, meetings with Karelian artists and critics are going to be held during the “Onega palette”.  The catalog will be published at the end of the exhibition.