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And it’s all about her

The exhibition «And it’s all about her» is dedicated to a woman’s image in the art world. It combines the works of the XVII – XXI centuries: icons, paintings, graphic works, sculpture, photographs and art-object. 

The works of famous Karelian and Russian artists, such as Ekaterina Pehova, Tamara Jufa, Aleksandr Trifonov, Mikhail Tsybasov, from the museum’s collection are presented at the exhibition. Also the visitors have an opportunity to see the art works from the artist’s studios of Petrozavodsk, Saint-Petersburg and Finland.

Each period created its own ideal of woman. Passing through the exhibition the visitor will see how the language of the artist and accordingly the image of woman have been changing for centuries: from the illusive picture to the sign.


The exhibition is open till March 16.