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Exhibition Tamara Yufa

Exhibition «Tamara Yufa»


The personal jubilee exhibition of Tamara Yufa, People's Artist of the Republic of Karelia, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Karelia, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, is dedicated to the jubilee of the master. The name of this artist has become a visiting card of Karelian culture.

The exhibition presents the easel art works which brought her wide popularity, the works of theatrical scenery art and book graphics.

Easel and book graphics on the themes of the epic «Kalevala» is the «gold fund» of the collection of our museum. T.Yufa has brought a lively feeling of love and compassion for the main female characters of the epic to the powerful and mysterious world of ancient songs of Finns and Karelians. Female characters of the epic are in her focus.

The emotional works of T.Yufa are full of dreaming and insidious, selflessly fighting for life and for love, suffering and inconsolable characters: Aino and the Pohjola’s bride, wicked queen Louhi, Aino’s mother and Lemminkainen's mother. The artist's style, built on a mixture of exquisite, whimsical patterns and ornaments which unite a human being and nature, brought the artist wide popularity.

But the creative work of Tamara Yufa has not focused exclusively on epic «Kalevala». She created a number of easel landscapes and works on the themes of other famous literary works such as «Peer Gynt» and «The Tale of Igor's Campaign».

Tamara Ufa is also a well-known book graphic artist and a theater artist. The Museum’s  collection includes more than 200 works of easel graphics, bookplates, book illustrations, sketches of scenery and costumes. Different books with master’s illustrations were published, for example, books of Hans Christian Andersen, Zachris Topelius, Charles Perrault, Brothers Grimm etc. T.Yufa gives to each book a unique flavor looking for something special in the character of each fairy tale and reveals the individuality of a writer. She has elaborated design for over 100 books and dozens of performances in various theaters of the country.